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Image by Denise Schuld


Your Soul.


Image by César Couto

Do you feel the pull in your belly that there is something more?


Are you looking through the fog, yearning to ignite that flicker in your heart but not knowing how?


Healing isn't a short-term process. Its a long-term practice. It’s not just about healing the wounds, its about retrieving what has been lost, its about bringing you home to your true, authentic self.


Living your truth.


Honouring yourself.


Stepping into your soul and walking the path that was always destined for you.


The path that leads to happiness within.


Stop the searching, you are here. You have arrived.

Coming Home to your true self and hear your calling.

Image by Vai Da


From the age of about 13 I have always been connected to a higher place and it poured out in automatic writing. I would write a question and then my hand would move, and insightful words and solutions would appear before me. I remember thinking it wasn’t me who’s words were coming out but none the less I thought I was writing poetry, and they must have come from somewhere within.

As my life went on, I did all the things; left home, spread my wings, backpacked around the world, settled down, started a family with my dogs, had kids, and tried to fit in with the societal norm. Battling tough times through my early 20’s, severe anxiety and suicide attempts, I swept what was really happening under the carpet and kept on going. The mask wearing carried me through having children and the white picket fence fairy-tale, all the while pretending I was happy. Until one day I wasn’t.

I always had that pull in my stomach knowing my truth and knowing the life I was living was not living my truth. It took a lot of courage to muster up the changes that came next. They came with sacrifice, but they also came with great rewards.

Separating from my partner and starting again with our 2 children (10 months and 4 years old) was the catalyst. I dedicated time to myself and therapy and uncovered some truths that had been my coping mechanisms for what seemed like a lifetime. Through hard work and dedication, I continued to pour my heart out and uncover some darkness that came in the form of supressed memories. The road was not easy, but the reward was worth it.

Through all the highs and all the lows one thing that got me through every time was love. The stillness that comes after the storm represents peace. There is a deep peace that runs through all of us, and it runs deeper the more we work on ourselves. I know this from experience. When you start to feel that tug in your belly and you know something's not right then listen. We are here to live in harmony with ourselves and live from that place of peace.

As my path evolved, I tapped into an ability that allowed me to communicate with spirit (Mediumship) and eventually reach into the Akashic Records for healing. I knew from the moment the messages and insight came pouring through vocally that I had to spread the love and help heal wherever I could.  Combined with my own journey and the knowledge passed down through the Akashic Records I know it is my purpose to help other people to align with who they truly are.

With nothing but love in my heart, my gift from me to you is to take a look into your blueprint to align yourself back to who you truly are. Peace and love. I have travelled it; I am the walking example. The road is worth travelling even if it seems dark and there are parts that have no light. Know that without the dark there can be no light.

You are light & love & whole. You are not the story. You don't need to relive it or feel it or analyse it. Just watch. From above. And know you can always rise above when feeling off cord. No one can sever the bond to us (universe/god/source). This is your truth. This is your calling. You were put here to learn and experience and believe and trust. In all of that you have done and more. 

You are ready. You have uncovered a truth we helped you bury so deep inside because it was too painful to bare. We can bet you would be dead had you known the truth when you had your suicide attempts. 

You have done the healing backwards to the text books but you are paving the way for a new kind of healing. You are more than what you know. You are more than your experiences. This does not define you it lets you grow and bloom into the person that is about to meet their soul and go on a journey far beyond anything you could ever imagine. 

Your time has come. It's time to reclaim and shed your skin. The last final piece for you to be whole & still and stop the searching. 

Whilst the work has been done you will have feelings of attachment through to human you. These need to be acknowledged but they don't own you & don't sit in them. They are fuel to a fire that has gone out and is dust. 

You cant escape what has happened but you can go within to move forward. Come home to your true self & hear your calling. You are loved, you are guided, you have signed your soul contract and chose this path. You are empowered. The growth in your heart and vibration is phenomenal. Its your time now. Go through your life with ease & comfort. We are you, you are us. Together we are one. 

Brave when you need a lion, 

A friend when you need a soul 

A soul when you're ready to expand 

and a heart when you're ready for love. 

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